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We cover a wide variety of printing, Offset (Large quantities), Large format (Posters, Banners, stands and so on) and digital printing
But before you order print you need to make sure you have the proper design and the right print quantity first.
Design needs to match your target market, your business style and has to have the special flavor of your product and services. Our professional designers and market specialist will provide those information for you.
Plus don’t forget to ask us about how you can be eligible for our special print discounts.
Our marketing specialists will also help you on the distribution plan.
We have special contract with Canada Post so we can even ship your flyers faster with lower price.
We can also target your very potential customers or contact your members on your behalf via our professional direct mailing program, we can customize every single element of the flyers or letters like title, address bar, content or even images and design.

Our Services:

Professional Design.
Market analysis
Variable Printing.
Shipping and direct mailing services


Professional Design

Our 20 year experience in marketing and printing business helps us to be unique in this industry.
Pricing, Quality and Creativity is what makes us proud. We are not just a design or a simple print company we are experts in marketing and advertising, so before we start the job we always analyze your business, your target market and your budget, advertising doesn’t need to be expensive, if you do it the right way you might end up spending less and be more effective. It happened most of the times with us, most of our customers spent much less than what they were expecting and received much more results.
Sometimes a simple change in your design or a very small adjustment in your distribution plan will make a huge difference in the whole campaign.

Our contract with most of the distribution companies like Canada Post helps us to be able offer a much better deal to our customers for the distribution

What we do…

Market Research
Take care of your design
Find the right print quantity
Find the right distribution plan

Market Analysis

Direct Mailing or Direct Marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing. in this process we put together some personal information of your target market and prepare the flyer or marketing material completely personalized for every individuals.
Sometime when you just see your own name written on a flyer makes you interested to see what the flyer is about and what the offer is, imagine you have the option to personalize your marketing material even deeper than just a name or address, have the persons picture on the flyer, or change the design base on the gender of the recipients, or change the offer based on their income level and so on.
Before you start your direct mail marketing you need to have a good overview of your target market, what their tastes are, what their needs are, how many people you need to send your offer to and even what kind of offer they are interested on.
In order to get the best result in Direct Marketing you need to talk to professionals before you start your campaign and prepare the right offer for your audience.
In this type of marketing shipping can be a big part of the cost, but because of the deals we have with major distribution companies (like Canada Post) we are able to pass the discount to our customers.

What we do…

We analyze your target market
We find as much information as possible about your target market
We prepare the right design
We distribute your offer at the right time with less price

Variable Printing

When you print a large quantity of flyers or a letter usually the all look the same, Variable Printing means to print different information on every single flyer, like personalizing the flyer by Address, Name, Picture and even design. In order to do that what you need is a well prepared database of your target market, the more information you have about your potential customers the more effective you can customize your offer, and obviously the more response you get.
Variable printing will cost more but don’t forget that the response rate is much higher than a regular printing.
Contact us, let us know what your business is and we will let you know how variable printing can help your business grow and how you can use our special discount options on Direct Marketing

What we do…

We find the right database of your potential customers
We prepare the right design to get more response
We setup the better distribution plan

Shipping and Distribution

Most of the companies are not using Direct Mail Marketing just because of the high cost of shipping, or using the cheaper distributors won’t let them reach their customers in certain areas like condominium or maybe they are not trust worthy enough to distribute all the flyers.
In Direct Mailing system there are ways to control the shipping process, one of them is the Seed Data, we will insert some seeds data in to your distribution plan so when your seeds receive the flyer means the distribution is done the right way.

What we do…

We find a discounted plan for your flyer distribution
We will print your job in much lower price and a very good quality
We find the best way of distribution for your job

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Our Services:

Professional Design
Market analysis
Variable Printing
Shipping & Distribution
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