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Control your business
From the cloud

With Google Apps


Manage Your Business with Google Apps

Google is one of the biggest leaders in online business.
With Google Apps, your staffs are can work from anywhere, on any device. This increases productivity, efficiency, and allows your people to get more things done.
Admins can manage different users and their devices through a very simple admin interface. With a few clicks of a mouse, IT personnel can quickly add/remove, locate, and even wipe data from lost or stolen devices.
Our team of experts will help you to transfer your office from a local office to Google cloud, and we will make sure all of your staff and admins can manage the whole process as smooth as possible.
You can promote your business, manage your staff, monitor your growth, communicate with agents, organize your meeting and events and much more

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Google Apps Integration


Google Apps for Small Business

You heard about having your office online, or take your office to the cloud, these are the terms that most of the people involved in technology are talking about, and you probably here in this page because you search for one of those terms.
Yes you can take your office online and yes you can control your business from anywhere in the world, even while you are on vacation.
How does it work?
There is 2 ways to put your office online:
First you can order a web design company to design and develop a very custom back office for your business or you can use the Google Apps for Business. The first one will be costly and it will take time to become reliable and covers all your business needs, but the second one is almost free (starts from $5/month) and covered by the most reliable online company in the whole world.
Some of the functionalities of Google Apps for Small Business:
Google Gmail for small businessPro email accounts (Gmail for business)
Google Calendar for small businessCalendar (Best scheduler or reminder for all you meeting and Ö)
Google Drive for small businessGoogle Drive (The most reliable storage for all your business documents)
Google Slides for small businessGoogle Slide (The easiest way to create business presentation)
Google Sheets for small businessGoogle Sheets (Manage all the spreadsheets you need)
Google Docs for small businessGoogle Docs (Create, Share and work on documents with your whole team real-time)

What we doÖ

Taking care of the signup and installation
Train your staff on how to use it
Organize the apps to fit your office


Google Gmail for small businessGoogle Mail (Gmail)

Gmail for business is not just a simple email itís the most cohesive system of communication between your employees.
Itís the most powerful control system of your company emails, no one will see a trace of Google or Gmail in your emailing communications itís all your company names and website address (Your_Email@Your_Company_Domain).
The smart way of tagging and marking emails will make every ones organize and you and your team will never lose an email. With more than 25GB space and extremely secure backup system you donít need to be worry about losing an email anymore. Gmail for business itís not just an email itís the new way of communication between you and your employees; they can IM, Phone and even Video Chat straight from Gmail. This could be a very good news for companies who has employees working from home or if they outsourcing from overseas.
I need to mention this that you always have the power of google search in your emails, remember search is what made Google Google.

Google Calendar for small businessGoogle Calendar

Never miss an appointment, no need to duplicate your events with others or on your website, get reminded on your cell phone or any other devices by text or email, text your calendar and it will text you back your daily schedule, upgrade your calendar from any device, color code your calendar and be more organized, share your calendar with others with special privacy options and get the fast and easy result, define multiple calendars for different category of events, overlap the calendar and do much more.
All with Google calendar. Donít forget that you have the safety and security of Google on your information, and you can always take advantage of Google search on any apps

Google Drive for small businessGoogle Drive

Now the question is do you need to be at your office desk all the time to be able to take care of your business?
Now you can have all your information and files online and easy to access from anywhere and through any device.

Ever happened to you:
Having problem finding that important document which you donít know who worked on it, or when itís been done, or if itís been updated or not or if it is, whoís done the update?
You need a group of your colleague to sit down in the meeting room and work on a very important document and all of a sudden one or two of them are not there, a sick day or working from home or even on vacation?
Your technical guy opens the door and informs you about the virus or the last night thunder storm which caused the server to crash, and yes you lost all the companyís information and docs?

Yes I am telling you all these just to let you know that all of these problem is solved by Google Drive, it helps you find any documents in less than a second and you can see who created the documents and how many people edited the document and who did what.
It helps you to share and even work on any files with anyone, anywhere in the world at any time, simultaneously.
And yes all of your very important files and company documents are all safe in the most powerful servers in the whole world and backed up in the safest way or better say you never lose anything.

Google Slides for small businessGoogle Slides (Presentation)

Itís a great way of preparing a presentation. Usually a company presentation contains of different sections and most probably every section has its own expert, so to prepare a good presentation we need to have all of our experts in one place working on a file, having every one in one place at one time is a hard thing to do special since most of the companies having employees working from home or most of the time its been outsourced from overseas.
Now with Google Slide itís all been taking care of. You can start the presentation and invite as much people as you want to work on it at the same time, they can be anywhere in the world and you can monitor the process as they go.
No itís the presentation time; you can present in front of hundreds of people online or in the meeting room on the big screen, doesnít matter where, you can have all of your experts all around the world taking care of the presentation.

Google Sheets for small businessGoogle Sheets

I believe that you are already familiar with spreadsheets like excel and others, here with Google Sheets you have the same capabilities plus tons of more options which are added to the spreadsheet and the most important part is the advantages you get buy having this connected to other apps like Google forms.
Have you ever thought about running a survey for your company amongst your employees or customers? Analyze the result in a very nice and functional format, and improve your company functionality or your services?
In Google Sheets with the help of Google form you can do that very easy in less than 10 minutes and no needs of any developers or professionals.
Like most of the other apps in Google Apps for business you can share the spreadsheet with others and work on it simultaneously, you actually see what others are doing on the sheet on the go. You can always monitor all the changes happened to the document, who did what and when did it and even for how long he/she was working on your file.

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